Fun, friendly, free, one-day, on-site hacking/coding competition for baseball fans.

Love creating stuff on your computer and LOVE baseball? Come hack with us on March 19 at 5 cities near you: Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, Chicago and San Francisco!

The fifth annual Baseball Hack Day is a fun, friendly one-day hacking competition (also known as hackathon, hackfest or codefest) for baseball fans.

It is the day where area baseball minds come together and see what cool projects can be created within a limited time. The project could be (but is not limited to) a tool, app, website, or data visualization. Baseball Hack Day is a free event thanks to our generous sponsors (see our site for sponsors!). The event is based on the principle of the Hack Day Manifesto.

New to hack days? Have no fear. See to get an idea. See our resources in github wiki, check out our inspiraton blog on tumblr, and follow us on Twitter @BaseballHackDay.

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To be eligible, you do need to be on-site at one of our 4 locations on March 25th.


Staff Members

Staff Members
MLB Advanced Media

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity & Originality
  • Design & Presentation
  • Execution & Functionality